CimPointEnum.Fields (read-only property)

The list of fields for this enum.
Syntax: Set CimPointEnumFieldList = object.Fields
Description: The Fields property is the collection of fields for this enum.


Dim project As CimProject
Set project = CreateObject("CimProject")
project.OpenLocalProject "d:\classes\classes.gef"
Dim pointEnums As CimPointEnumList
Dim pointEnum As CimPointEnum
Dim pointEnumFields As CimPointEnumFieldList
Dim pointEnumField As CimPointEnumField
Set pointEnums = project.PointEnums
Set pointEnum = pointEnums.Item("TurbineStates")
Set pointEnumFields = pointEnum.Fields
Set pointEnumField = pointEnumFields.Item("Starting")
pointEnumField.Value = pointEnumField.Value + 1
pointEnumField.Save False