CimPointList.AddDevicePoint (method)

Method to add a device point.
Syntax: Set CimPoint = object.AddDevicePoint ( PointID, PointTypeID, DeviceID, PointAddress, ScanRate, dynamicMode )
PointID As String - Point Id of new point
PointTypeID As String - Point Type ID for new point
DeviceID As String - Device ID for new point
PointAddress As String - Address for new point
ScanRate As short - ScanRate for new point
Optional dynamicMode As Boolean - If point should be added dynamically, defaults to False.
Description: CimPointList.AddDevicePoint provides a simple method to add a new device point to a project. If adding the point dynamically you must specify a user name and password and place the CimProject object in dynamic mode.


Dim points as CimPointList
set points = project.points
Dim point as CimPoint
Set point = points.AddDevicePoint("R1", "UINT", "C_9030", "%R1"_
                                         , 1, False)