CimPortList.Save (method)

Adds the Port.
Syntax: object.Save lpPortDisp, bDynamic
lpPortDisp As CimPort - Port object to be added to the list.
bDynamic As BOOL - Add or Modify Dynamically
Description: CimPortList.Save adds a CimPort to the project.


Dim project As CimProject
Dim portList As CimPortList
Set project = CreateObject("CimProject")
project.OpenLocalProject "d:\classes\classes.gef"
Set portList = project.Ports
Dim port as CimPort
set port = portList.New("TCPIP1", "S90_TCPIP")
port.Description = "A Series 90 communications port"
port.ScanRate = 1
port.ScanUnit = cimMinute
portList.Save port, FALSE