CimSystem (object)

Contains the properties of a System Object.
Description: The CimSystem object represents a computer with CIMPLICITY Software. The computer may be the local computer where the client program is running or a remote computer on the network. When using remote computers, Microsoft's DCOM technology is used to access the remote objects. For example you can attach a CimSystem object to a remote computer running a CIMPLICITY project and dynamically add a device point. In order for remote objects to work properly DCOM must be properly configured and administrated on your network.BR Additionally, the CimSystem object contains an enumeration of projects that are running on the computer.


Dim systems as CimSystem
Set systems = CreateObject("CimSystem")
Dim project as CimProject
for each project in systems
   MsgBox project.ProjectName
next project
Properties: ComputerName , Count , GlobalParms , InstalledProducts , IsCIMPLICITYRunning
Methods: DumpObjects , EnableClassCaching , EnableSeparateLoginSession , OpenCimEdit , OpenCimView , OpenProjectByName , OpenProjectFile , OpenScadaDriver , OpenSystem