CimSystem.OpenProjectFile (method)

Opens the project file.
Syntax: Set CimProject = object.OpenProjectFile ( path )
path As String - Path to project
Description: CimSystem.OpenProjectFile returns a CimProject object for a specified project file. While this method is similar to CimProject.OpenLocalProject the main difference is that the project is opened by the CimSystem object which could be running on a different computer. When the CimSystem object is running remotely, the path is the path to the project file from the perspective on the remote object. Essentially, you can connect to and configure a project on a remote computer without having the remote drive mapped. Using remote objects require that DCOM is configured and administrated correctly.


Dim systems as CimSystem
Set systems = CreateObject("CimSystem")
Dim RemoteSystem as CimSystem
set RemoteSystem = systems.OpenSystem("COMPUTER2")
Dim project as CimProject
Set project = RemoteSystem.OpenProjectFile("c:\cimpdemo\cimpdemo.gef")

The above example obtains a CimProject object from COMPUTER2 that lives on COMPUTER2's disk drive.