CimSystem.OpenScadaDriver (method)

Opens the Scada Driver.
Syntax: Set object = object.OpenScadaDriver ( )
Description: CimSystem.OpenScadaDriver returns a ScadaDriverBase object from the computer which this CimSystem object lives. If the Scada Driver is not already running, an instance is launched. Note that this method is only useful for projects involving the CIMPLICITY Scada Driver automation server. The following script could be run from a remote viewer to access the Scada Driver running on the HMI server node.


Dim systems as CimSystem
Dim RemoteSystem as CimSystem
Dim ScadaBase as Object
Dim PrimaryNode as String
PrimaryNode = pointget("\\MasterNode\$PROJECT.COMPUTER")
Set systems = CreateObject("CimSystem")
Set RemoteSystem = systems.OpenSystem(PrimaryNode)
Set ScadaBase = RemoteSystem.OpenScadaDriver()
'Now ScadaBase can be used to call the Scada Driver methods...