CimSystem.OpenSystem (method)

Allows server to open a remote System on another machine.
Syntax: Set CimSystem = object.OpenSystem ( nodeName )
nodeName As String - The computer to create the new CimSystem object on.
Description: CimSystem.OpenSystem returns a CimSystem object from a remote computer using DCOM. DCOM must be properly configured and administered to use this method.


Dim systems as CimSystem
Set systems = CreateObject("CimSystem")
Dim RemoteSystem as CimSystem
set RemoteSystem = systems.OpenSystem("COMPUTER2")
Dim project as CimProject
Set project = RemoteSystem.OpenProjectFile("c:\cimplicity\hmi\projects\cimpdemo.gef")

The above example obtains a CimProject object from COMPUTER2 that lives on COMPUTER2's disk drive.