CimTable.DefaultAlarmLogCond (property)

Gets and sets the units for the periodic maintenance rate.
Syntax: CimAlarmLogOptEnum = object.DefaultAlarmLogCond
object.DefaultAlarmLogCond = CimAlarmLogOptEnum
Description: CimTable.DefaultAlarmLogCond is an enumeration specifing the possible alarm states for which data is logged to an event log or alarm log. When an alarm or event is added to the ALARM_LOG or EVENT_LOG, their logging conditions default to the these values.

Note: This property is only valid for the ALARM_LOG. However, this value also acts as the default values obtained by an event added to the EVENT_LOG.


set myAlarmTable = GetTable ("ALARM_LOG")
myAlarmTable.DefaultAlarmLogCond = cimAlarmReset Or cimAlarmDelete