CimTable.DeletedRecordFileID (property)

Gets and sets the name of the file to which purged data should be stored.
Syntax: String = object.DeletedRecordFileID
object.DeletedRecordFileID = String
Description: CimTable.DeletedRecordFileID specifies the name of the file that all purged data is to be written to upon a maintenance event. Either CimTable.RetainRecordCount or CimTable.RetainRecordTime must be set as well. The file to which data is purged is of type: comma separated value (CSV).


When the space on drive D: slips below 200MB, it is desired to retain in the database only the data collected from the previous two days and the rest should be purged to a file on another drive. (2 * 60 * 60 * 24) = 172800

myTable.LowSpaceTriggerDrive = "D:"
myTable.LowSpaceTriggerAmount = 200
myTable.RetainRecordTime = 172800
myTable.DeletedRecordFileID = "C:\purged_data"