CimTable.ExportRecordTime (property)

Gets and sets oldest time (in minutes) for which data is to be exported as a maintenance action.
Syntax: long = object.ExportRecordTime
object.ExportRecordTime = long
Description: CimTable.ExportRecordTime is a long representing the time (in minutes) after which recorded data should be exported from the database to CimTable.ExportFileID when a maintenance event ocurrs. This property can NOT be used with either CimTable.ExportRecordCount or CimTable.ExportRecordAll.


On a maintenance event, it is desired to export data that was recorded for the last six hours and forty-five minutes. (6 * 60) + 45 = 405

myTable.ExportRecordTime = 405
myTable.ExportFileID = "exported_entries"