CimTable.SetDataLogPtSyncTime (method)

Sets the precise time at which to log data for a specific point in a data table.
Syntax: object.SetDataLogPtSyncTime pointID, time
pointID As String - The name of the point whose synchronous log time is to be retrieved
time As long - The synchronous log time
Description: The CimTable.SetDataLogPtSyncTime method sets the exact time (daily) at which data should be logged to the database for a specific point in a data log. The time is represented in number of seconds passed 12:00 AM that day.

Note: This method is only valid for data tables.


In the table "PRESS_ROOM" it is desirable to log data for the point "PAPER_LEVEL" at exactly 5:30 PM: ((5 + 12) * 3600) + (30 * 60) = 63000

dataTable = database.GetTable("PRESS_ROOM")
dataTable.SetDataLogPtSyncTime "PAPER_LEVEL", 63000