3. Distribute Copies of CimView Screens and Files

You can distribute copies of CimView screens and files by:

Print paper copies.

Send a copy of the screen file to someone via email.

Print paper copies

Do any of the following to print a copy of a running CimView screen.

Click the Print button on the CimView toolbar.

Click File>Print on the CimView menu bar.

Press Ctrl+P on the keyboard.

Result: The printed copy reflects the CimView display as it appeared when the print command was given.

 Note: Select Print Setup on the File menu to configure the printer.

Email CimView screens

  1. Click File>Send on the CimView menu bar.

If an email application is open and accessible, an email window from your email application opens with a copy of the open CimView screen attached.

If no email application is open or accessible, a Choose Profile dialog box opens. When you select the correct application, an email window opens with a copy of the open CimView screen attached.

  1. Enter the email address and message to the recipient as you would when sending any other email.

Result: A copy of the file that displays is sent to the recipient. The file may be a CimView.cim or CimView.cimrt (runtime only) file.

Tip: You can email a captured picture of the current screen contents by using the Windows Print Screen tools.

  1. Press Alt+Print Screen on the keyboard while the CimView screen is the active window.

  2. Display the email message in which you want to paste the picture of the screen.

  3. Press Ctrl+V (or use one of the other paste methods for your email application).

Result: A copy of the display at the time you pressed Alt+Print Screen appears on the email message ready to be sent.

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