6. Zoom  and Fit a CimView Screen or Window

If this feature is available on your CimView screen, you can change the size of the screen and window to fit your viewing needs.

CimView offers you several methods to magnify or reduce your CimView display size during configuration.

Zoom a CimView screen.

Fit the CimView screen to the window size.

 Note: These methods are for display in CimView. To change the display of the CimView screen, enter the screen dimensions on the Geometry tab of the Properties dialog box.

Zoom a CimView Screen

  1. Do one of the following to change a CimView screen display size during configuration.

Method 1. Use CimView toolbar buttons

CimView provides the following screen size buttons.



Zoom 100

Zooms the screen to the size it in which it was saved in CimEdit.

Full Screen

Uses the entire monitor screen to display the CimView screen.

Method 2. Use the zoom percents on the CimView View menu

  1. Click View on the CimView menu bar.

  2. Select any of the following.


Full Screen uses the entire monitor screen for display.


Choices for the percent you want the display to zoom to.

Method 3. Enter a precise zoom percent

  1. Click View on the menu bar.

  2. Select Zoom.

The Zoom dialog box opens.

  1. Select any of the following.


Zoom to

Choices for the percent you want the display to zoom to.


Zoom to fit window

The screen expands or contracts to fit the workspace.



Precise percent the display will zoom to.

Additional Methods

Press the Ctrl key on the keyboard and do any of the following.

Click mouse-buttons, as follows.




Enlarges the image by 5% increments.


Decreases the image by 5% increments.

Use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out.

Select an area to zoom, as follows.

  1. Hold down the left-mouse button to drag the cursor around an area

A box surrounds the selected area.

  1. Release the mouse button.

The screen zooms to maximize the selected area display size.

Use keyboard keys only, as follows.

Note: Keyboard zooms include both location and percent.




Zooms to the next zoom in the zoom stack.

Ctrl+K functionality is only available if you have already used Ctrl+J or one of the  buttons on the CimView toolbar.


Zooms to the previous zoom.

  1. Select Size Window to Zoom on the View menu to fit the CimView window to a zoomed display.

Result: The CimView window will expand or contract to fit the workspace display size.

Fit the CimView screen to the window size

If you change the CimView window size, e.g. make the entire window smaller or larger, you can increase or decrease the size of the CimView screen (in proportion) to display a best fit in the window.

In a best fit, the screen maintains the width and height proportion it was assigned during configuration.

Do any of the following to fit a CimView screen to the window size.

Click the Zoom to fit button on the toolbar

Check the Zoom to fit window in the Zoom dialog box.

Click View>Zoom to best fit on the CimEdit menu bar.

Result: The CimView screen will expand or contract in proportion to display the best fit in the window.

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