About CimView

CimView is a runtime, interactive graphical user interface through which you can monitor and control your facility. CimView displays screens that were created in CimEdit for specific applications.

As a result, the appearance, purpose and interactive capability of the CimView screen being viewed is the result of a system administrator, applications engineer and/or screen designer's planning and configuration. (This document references these individuals as system administrators.)

The system administrator also has control over whether or not an operator can access several of CimView's available functions. Therefore, the features that are described in this document may not be available on your CimView screens.


CimView has a feature that, when functioning, enables a user to find and open a selected screen. An applications engineer may design a CimView screen that runs when a viewer boots up. The CimView screen contains buttons that enable an operator to open pre-determined screens. However, the system administrator disables the CimView File>Open capability. As a result an operator cannot open any other screens.

CimView features include.

Typical Windows application tasks.

CIMPLICITY runtime features in CimView

More information

CimView opened.

Set points or variables.

Help for a selected object.

Standard Windows features.