Review Screen Object Properties during Runtime

The Object Properties dialog boxes can be available to a CimView user for reviewing the configured properties for a selected CimView object, including the screen object.


ActiveX objects may not display the CimEdit Properties dialog box for that object in CimView. The screen or other objects’ Properties dialog boxes will be available.

The Properties dialog boxes in CimView are read-only. Any modifications to the screen must be made in CimEdit.

  1. Right-click the selected object on the CimView screen.

  2. Select Properties on the Popup menu.

The Properties dialog box related to your selection displays in read-only format.

  1. Select the tab that contains the configuration you want to view.

Note: You can open some dialog boxes through Properties dialog box, e.g. if a procedure is configured for an object, you can open a Procedure Information dialog box through the Procedures tab. Tabs in these dialog boxes are also in read-only format.

More information

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