CIMPLICITY Numeric data item attributes available for Numeric Expressions

CIMPLICITY provides numeric data item attributes that can support numeric expressions. You can add any of the numeric data item attributes to a data item. Once added, the attribute can be used in a numeric expression for that data item.

The following CIMPLICITY numeric data item attributes can be used for numeric expressions .

Numeric Data Item






Address adjustment

Device points


Indicate the index of the number within the address to apply the $ADDRESS_ADJ to.

If $ADDRESS_INDX is either not specified or equals -1, then the last number is updated.



$ADDRESS = %R100PETE200 and

$ADDRESS_ADJ = 1 and


Result: Address is %R101PETE200.


$ADDRESS_ADJ = 1 with

No $ADDRESS_INDX specified or


Result: Address is %R100PETE201.

Device points


Allows control of the Offset field on the Device tab.

Boolean points


Alarm delay.

Alarm configuration; time in seconds



Alarm high limit

Analog points


Alarm low limit

Analog points


Second conversion limit

Analog points


First conversion limit

Analog points


Display high limit

Analog points


Display low limit

Analog points


Format justification

Analog points

0=Zero filled

1=Justify left (default)

2=Justify right


Format precision

Floating point or Analog points with EU conversion


Format width

Analog points


Security level

All point types


Range high limit

Analog points


Range low limit

Analog points


Second raw limit

Point Conversion / Analog points


First raw limit

Point Conversion / Analog points


Setpoint high limit

Analog points


Setpoint low limit

Analog points


Trend duration

Analog points only; time in seconds


Trend samples



Warning high limit

Analog points


Warning low limit

Analog points

More information

Option 4.3.3. Use numeric expressions in data item fields.