Phase 3. Enter Specifications for an Object in the Class

When you have developed the class to your specifications, you can create one or more objects by using the class as a template.

You will create an object through the Objects application. The process begins with creating an object and specifying its specific values in an Object dialog box.

An Object dialog box's features depend on the class developer's configuration. This includes the:

Number of available configuration options.

Layout of the Object dialog box.

Features available for modification.

When an object designer clicks OK in an Object Properties dialog CIMPLICITY creates an instance of the object. At this point, the features that have been configured for the class are attached to the object, with values the class designer entered in the Object dialog box and read-only values that were configured at the class level.

CIMPLICITY displays the object's features, which you can access, in their respective application folders throughout the Workbench.

If the object designer has dragged a class object onto a CimEdit screen, the object's values replace any class variables and can be viewed in CimView.

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