Step 1.3. Map a Layout of how Memory is Stored in Class Devices

CIMPLICITY classes provide an address adjustment feature that automates applying addresses to device points if you configure data in blocks in contiguous memory location. You can use this feature to configure address adjustment for more than one block.

During configuration, you, the class developer, create address adjustment expressions, which specify the adjustment rule. An object designer then specifies one or more base addresses. CIMPLICITY will automatically apply any additional addresses.

Mapping out the layout while planning enables you to easily determine if and how address adjustment can be applied during configuration.


Two tanks are connected to one PLC, with information divided into two distinct sections.

Block 1

Tank 1 data is mapped to the first four addresses

Tank 2 data is mapped to the next four addresses.

Block 2

Tank 1 data is mapped to the first two addresses.

Tank 2 data is mapped to the next two addresses.

Information from each of the tanks is mapped in the same order. Because there is a standard convention for mapping information, address adjustment expressions can be used to offset data item addresses.

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