Step 1.4. Determine the Calculations needed for the Data

CIMPLICITY classes provide you with the tools to create the definitions for points (class data items) that can calculate data and numeric expressions that provide rules for object data items (e.g. alarm high limits).

These definitions can contain variables, which can be substituted for real values at the object level. You, the class developer, have control over what can be modified at the object level.

Because the values among objects that are configured from the class may cover a wide range, e.g. an Alarm high for one may be 500, for another may be 28,000, determining the requirements during planning will make those requirements obvious.



Required for

Device Point Alarms

Alarm High limits

Alarm low limits

Device Points

Input value

Output value


Tank level

Virtual Points

Average input flow rate

Average output flow rate

More information

Step 1. Plan a class.