Step 4. Configure Data Items

Data items configuration overview.

Data items configuration steps.

Data items configuration overview

A data item is a definition that becomes a CIMPLICITY point when an object is created from the class.

Configuring a data item for a class is similar to configuring a CIMPLICITY point. The dialog boxes that you are accustomed to using to configure device and virtual points are almost identical to the dialog boxes that you use to configure the point definitions for the class.

A data item:

Can be used in any application that supports points, for example:

Database Logger

Event Editor


Point Control Panel


Other CIMPLICITY Software Options

Can include a subset of expressions of type: string or numeric. Note that a limited number of string substitutions and numeric expressions are supported.

Displays in the Workbench right pane as a point with its associated object.

Data items configuration steps

Step 4.1

Create a data item.

Step 4.2

Begin data item configuration.

Step 4.3

Take advantage of data item class features


Usually you will configure a data item that creates one of the several point types available in CIMPLICITY.

Two additional options are available that reduce memory usage:

Just-in-Time device point type and

Delay-Load device point type.

All update criteria will be available when you configure a class.

However, only use the update criteria specific to the device the point is intended to communicate with.


A class is configure that has a data item on it that uses Unsolicited On Demand update criteria.

If the point is communicating with a Series 90 (Legacy) device, the Unsolicited On Demand may not be applicable.

More information

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