Step 7.2. Configure a Class Event

Class event configuration

Supported string substitution for event fields

Class event configuration

All of the event types available in the Events Editor are available for a class event.

The difference between configuring a class event and a standard event is that you:

Select a data item instead of a point ID when you configure an event that requires a point ID.

The CIMPLICITY $OBJECT variable is automatically entered when you select the data item.

  1. Select the Event tab in the new Event dialog box.

  2. Fill in the fields as follows.

Event type

Events available in the drop down list  for classes include:

Alarm Acknowledged

Alarm Deleted

Alarm Generated

Alarm Reset

Point Change

Point Equals

Point Transition High

Point Transition Low

Point Unavailable

Point Update

Run Once





Fields vary based on your selected event.

One or more of the following fields may display.

The value can be selected from the associated browser

Point ID



Alarm ID



Note: The CIMPLICITY $OBJECT variable appears in the Point ID field before the data item as follows:


Class ID

CIMPLICITY Select a Alarm Class browser

Event Time

Event int



Timed event provides fields to enter The start time and interval for an event.

  1. Select the Actions tab in the New Event dialog box.

Actions on this tab will be associated with the selected event.

  1. Add actions to the Actions tab as follows.

  1. Click New.

  1. Open an Action-Event dialog box by using any of the same methods you used to open the Event dialog box (1 in this procedure).

  1. Click the Browser button to the right of the Action ID field.

The Select an Action browser opens displaying the actions that have been created for the class.

  1. Select an action that will be associated with the event.

  1. Click OK.

The action displays in the Action ID field.

  1. Check Log Flag to have the action logged to a database table.

  1. Click OK.

The action is listed in the list of actions associated with the event.

  1. Specify the sequence in which the event's actions occur by using the Move up and Move down buttons to place the actions in the order you want them to occur.

  1. Select the Advanced tab in the Event dialog box.

  1. Configure advanced specifications the same as you configure them for an event in the Events folder.

  2. Click OK.

Result: When an object is created from the class, the event appears in the CIMPLICITY Event Editor window as:



ObjectName is the name of the object that has been created.

EventID is the name entered in the New Event dialog box.

Supported String Substitution for Event Fields

String substitution is supported for the following event fields, which you enter in the associated Event dialog box field.

Point ID.

Alarm ID.

Resource ID.

Alarm Class.

Point Value.

More information

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