Additional Roles {<filename>.rol} file Imported

The format of the standard import file will only let you import point alarm routing information for the SYSMGR, USER, and OPER roles. If you need to route point alarms to other roles, and you want to import this information:

  1. Create a second file called <filename>.rol where <filename> is the same as the CSV file.

  2. Add one line in <filename>.rol for each point that you are routing to roles other than SYSMGR, USER, or OPER. The format of the line will be the Point ID followed by a list of roles. Separate each field with a comma.

  3. Run the Import utility as usual. The utility will automatically search for a .rol file whose name matches that of the CSV file, and process the additional role information.

The following is an example of an .ROL file:

##  Point Role File Ver. 1.1

##  File created by:  GE Fanuc -- CIMPLICITY  Ver.  1.0

##  File created at:  15:33:35  on 6/21/95




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