Configuration Data Deleted

You can use the CLIE utility to delete point information from the CIMPLICITY database.

To delete CIMPLICITY point data:

  1. Start a command shell in the project from which you want to export data.

  2. At the system prompt, invoke the following command:

$ clie delete <point_id> [/NOCONFIRM]


<point_id> is the Point ID you want to delete. You can use the wildcard characters ? and * to delete sets of Point IDs.

The optional argument for the delete command is:




Deletes the requested points without prompting you to confirm the deletion.

If you choose to confirm the deletion, you are prompted like this:

> clie delete D?I*

Starting Import/Export - logging to LOG_PATH:IC169.log

Do you want to DELETE <DRIVE_CONVEY1>

(Y)es (N)o (A)ll


Do you want to DELETE <DRIVE_CONVEY2>


Number of points Deleted  =  1

Successful completion - Review LOG_PATH:IC169.log log file for messages.


More information

Wildcard characters specified for delete.

About Import/Export configuration.