Edit .csv Files in Notepad

Guidelines when using Notepad to edit a CSV file.

The following situations require double-quotes.

If you want to enter a field to be blank (have no value), use " " (a double-quote, followed by any number of spaces, followed by a double-quote) for the field entry.

Using double-quotes  is extremely important, particularly if you are changing a field that has an existing value.

If you enclose the space in quotes, CLIE will recognize that the field value should be changed to no value.

If you do not enclose the space in quotes, CLIE will interpret the empty space as "Do not change the original value." As a result, the next time you import the file, the original value will remain.

If you want initial blanks at the start of the field, enclose the field (including the blanks) in double-quotes. For example:

   ,"     Initial blanks",...

Important: If you do not enclose the field (including blanks)  in double-quotes, the initial blanks will not appear.

You must enclose between double-quotes any fields that contain a comma as part of the data. For example:

   ,"Comma, example",...

You must enter two double-quotes if you want a double quote to be part of a data string. For example

   ,"Quotes ""example"" ",...

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