Export Field Formats (ie_formats.cfg)

The ie_formats.cfg file in your project data directory defines the Field Names records you will be using to generate export files. This file is a .csv file that uses the SNF format. The first field in each record is the name of the format, and the remaining fields are the field names to be exported when that format is specified.

The default file contains two formats: Full Set and Logicmaster Export.

The Full Set format contains all fields supported by Import/Export.

The Logicmaster Export format contains the four fields of interest to the Logicmaster 90 (LM90).

Select one of the formats in this file when you export data. If you do not select a format, an internal format is used

 Note: The internal format contains all the fields in the Full Set plus additional unsupported fields.

An initial version of ie_formats.cfg is included in your software distribution.

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