Import/Export Log File Format

Every message written to the log file is time stamped and includes the type of message (error, warning or informational). The date is shown in the first message of the file and the time appears on each message.

For example, you may see messages that look like the following:

08:30:14 INFO:    Starting application Mar 11 1994.

08:38:15 Warning: Length of point `GEF_DEMO_REAL_REAL_LONG_NAME' with prefix xxxxxxxx is too long - truncated

10:29:53 ERROR:   No DEVICE_ID specified for device Point `DEMO_COS'

In the above example:

The Info message tells you when the application (in this case, import) started.

The Warning message tells you that the prefix that you are adding to the beginning of each Point ID will cause the identified Point ID to be truncated.

Note: Point IDs may have up to 32 characters



The error message tells you that you do not have a Device ID for a given point. This is categorized as an error, because this point data will not be imported unless you add a Device ID.

More information

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