Import Field Defaults (ie_deflds.cfg)

The ie_deflds.cfg file in your project's Data directory:

Contains information about default values that Import/Export will assign to point configuration fields when importing data for new points. This file is a CSV file that uses the SNF format.

Defines default values for selected fields based on point of origin and point type. You may configure default information for analog, digital and text point types for both device and virtual (derived) points.

 Important: Do not change information in the PT_ID, PT_ORIGIN, or PT_TYPE fields of records in this file.

When you import data into the CIMPLICITY point configuration, any fields in an import record that do not contain data, and that correspond to default fields in ie_deflds.cfg, will have their values set to the default values contained in ie_deflds.cfg.


If a new digital device point is being imported, and The Access field in the import file is left blank, the import function will substitute the default Access value used for IE_DEV_DIGITAL.

An initial version of ie_deflds.cfg is included in your software distribution.

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