Step 3. Enter a Unique Client Authorization Code

Important: The following is required to run the Generate Authorization Code utility.

Operating System


Windows XP

With administrative privileges

Windows Server 2003

With administrative privileges

Windows Server 2003 R2

As actual administrator


As actual administrator

  1. Make sure a Proficy CIMPLICITY project is running.

  2. Run the CIMPLICITY Genauthcode application on the client to find its unique Authorization Code.


Open a Cmd window on the client PC.


Type genauthcode at the prompt.


Code is generated.

  1. Enter the code in the Authorization Code field on the server.

Result: Only the PC with the entered Authorization Code will automatically be logged in with the User ID and/or Trusted specifications.

Note: Genauthcode requires administrative privileges on Windows XP or 2003.

More information

Configure client properties.