Step 4. Configure other Properties for the CIMPLICITY Project Resource

The following tabs in the Properties dialog box for the CIMPLICITY project resource are available for other Microsoft cluster resources.

Review Microsoft documentation for detailed descriptions of the configuration.

General tab.

Dependencies tab.

Advanced tab.

General tab

The General tab for the resource's Properties dialog box includes the following.




CIMPLICITY project resource name

Possible owners

Nodes that can potentially control the resource.

Read-only Information

Listed description of the CIMPLICITY project resource.

Dependencies tab




Includes the:

Cluster to which the resource is assigned.

Drive that has the CIMPLICITY project files.

Resource Type

Includes the physical disk that has the CIMPLICITY project files.

Advanced tab

Enables you to specify Cluster restart.


The CIMPLICITY resource informs the cluster when the resource fails.

Therefore, "Looks Alive" and "Is Alive" options do not work with the CIMPLICITY resource.

Simply leave the defaults.

Pending timeout specifies the number of seconds the resource should wait for the project to start. The resource will fail after the entered time.

Enter more time if your CIMPLICITY project requires more time to start.

More information

About CIMPLICITY cluster.