Option 2.4. Screens in Basic Operation Package 1

Standard screens.

Additional screens.

Standard screens

Standard screens that you can display in the parent window in BOP 1 include:

Overall Position

Servo Setting

Relative Position

Servo Tuning

Absolute Position


Machine Position

OLE Object

Distance to Go

Operating Monitor

Tool Life Management

Actual Speed (Feed Rate, Spindle Speed)

Program Edit

Spindle Setting/Tuning

MDI Program


Program Check

System Configuration


Operator Messages

Current / Next Block

Alarm History

Setting (Handy)

Data I/O

Setting (Timer)

Wave Diagnosis

Tool Offset

Chuck and Tailstock Barriers



Additional screens

The function option is required on the CNC side in order to display these screens:

Handle Interruption

Program Restart

Custom Macro Variables

Work Origin Offset

Operator's Panel

Pitch Error Compensation

Additional screen

This screen does not display and requires the function option on the CNC side in order to display it

Cutting Time / Parts Count (Parts Count, Run Time, Cycle Time)

More information

Step 2. Review Basic Operation Package 1 features.