Axis Position Data

Axis Position data points

Are read-only.


Points for axis positions attributes.

Address specifications.

Support for obtaining data.

Points for axis positions attributes

When configuring these points, you must specify the following attributes.

Relative axis positions.

Absolute axis positions.

Distance-to-go axis positions.

Machine axis positions.

Address specifications

Address specifications for axis positions include the following.

Address specification


Two-letter prefix

Position type

Number following the prefix

Particular axis.


DA6 specifies Distance-to-Go axis number 6.

Support for obtaining data

Support is provided for obtaining data from up to:



24 axes

Series 150/150i

8 axes

Series 160/180/210, 160i/180i/210i, 0i.

32 axes

Series 300i/310i/320i.

2 axes


6 axes

PowermateH, iH

You will only be able to obtain data for the number of controlled axes that are configured in your CNC.


If your CNC is currently configured for 3 controlled axes, you can define points for Machine Axis Positions MA1 - MA8. However, only points MA1, MA2, and MA3 will have values.

More information

Supported Data Types.