HSSB Interface Requirements

HSSB card configuration

HSSB card set

HSSB card configuration

HMI for CNC supports communication through the following High Speed Serial Bus (HSSB) interfaces:

Type 2

Type 3 (300i/310i/320i).

You can configure your system to support a:

Single HSSB-card per PC or

Multiple HSSB-cards per PC, up to 8 total CNC connections. This can be any of the following:

8 single channel boards.

4 dual channel boards.

A combination of 8 single channel boards and 4 dual channel boards.

The following diagram illustrates a multiple HSSB card configuration:

HSSB card set

The HSSB card set can have a PC PCI card, plus a fiber optic cable, and a CNC card. Each connection requires a card set.

Note: Due to the fact that only the PCI HSSB Interface Board is supported in Windows XP and subsequent versions of Windows, ISA HSSB Interface Boards for HMI for CNC 7.5 and future versions are obsolete.

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