Option 3.3. Upload a Part Program to a PC

Upload part programs to a PC as follows.


(Optional) Select the path.


Note: The path number is enabled if the device model supports multiple paths.

The selected path from the drop down list is the path on the CNC from which files will be uploaded.


Check Upload in the Select Mode box.


(Optional) Click Refresh.


The file display in the Programs on CNC box is brought up-to-date.


Select the files in the Programs on CNC box that will be uploaded to the PC.


Note: The filenames have no extensions.


Click Add.


The files are moved to the Selected Programs box.


Click Upload.


Part programs are uploaded to the PC, one at a time.

The file is created in the directory displayed in the Programs on PC box.

The filename extension (e.g. .pro) is added to each of the files.

The upload process is reported in the Messages box.

More information

Step 3. Work in the CNC Part Program window.