Step 6.1.1. Start the CNC QuikStart Demo Project

When you install HMI for CNC software, you have the option of loading the demo project onto your computer.

You can use this project "as is," or you can modify it to fit your application.

  1. Click Start on the Windows task bar.

  2. Select (All) Programs>Proficy HMI SCADA - CIMPLICITY version>Start CNC QuikStart Demo project.

If the CNC_QUIKSTART project is not running

A Select CIMPLICITY® Project dialog box opens.

  1. Select CNC_QUIKSTART.gef.

  2. Click Start.

A message box asks if you want to start the project.

  1. Click Yes.

A Starting CNC_QUIKSTART window opens displaying the CIMPLICITY process startups.

Result: A CIMPLICITY® Login dialog box opens.

When the CNC_QUIKSTART project is running

Result: A CIMPLICITY® Login dialog box opens.

  1. Enter a User ID and Password for a user who has access to CNC runtime screens.

  1. Click OK.

Result: An HMI for CNC QuikStart Main Menu screen opens.

 Note: Your computer must be connected to a CNC and the CNC must be powered up for the CNC Demo project to function properly.

More information

Step 6.1. Use the CNC QuikStart Demo project screens.