3.3. Macro Implementation

You will need to do the following to implement a macro that performs a setpoint and assign it to a button:

  1. Select a location on your spreadsheet where you want to enter the point's setpoint value. Make a note of the sheet name and cell location.

  2. If you have not already done so, select Toolbars on the View menu and activate the Drawing toolbar.

  3. Select Record Macro on the Tools menu on your spreadsheet.

  4. Select Record New Macro on the Record Macro submenu. The Record New Macro dialog box will open.

  5. Enter your new macro name in the Macro Name box.

  6. Click Options.

  7. Select This Workbook from the Store In input box.

  8. Select MS Excel 4.0 Macro from the Language box.

  9. Click OK.

A new Macro sheet will be created and the macro name will be placed in the first cell (R1C1) of the sheet.

  1. Select Record Macro on the Tools menu.

  2. Select Stop Recording on the Record Macro submenu.

  3. Enter your commands in the cells under the macro name on the Macro page.

  4. Go back to your sheet.

  5. Click Create Button on the Drawing toolbar.

  6. Create a button on the spreadsheet. When you do this, the Assign Macro dialog box will open.

  7. Select the setpoint macro from the Assign Macro dialog box.

Whenever a user enters the setpoint in the cell referenced by the macro, then clicks the button, the setpoint value will be sent to CIMPLICITY software.

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