Procedure for Enabling the Connection Reset Feature

You must perform the first two steps of the procedure to enable the Connection Reset feature. The third step is needed only when the DDE server does not respond to the disconnect request in a timely fashion.

To enable the Connection Reset feature:

  1. Create the following glb_parm entry.


When the devcom forces the connection to be closed (instead of the server), a default mechanism is needed to determine when to reconnect.

  1. Configure a heartbeat point to enable the default mechanism capability.

Configuring the heartbeat point will cause the connection to be automatically re-established.

  1. Change the CPU_ID in the device.idt file as follows.

bit 0 --> accept NULL value back from the DDE server

bit 1 --> wait for 3 consecutive failure of heartbeat before marking device dead

bit 3 --> For text heartbeat point we want to make sure that any Unsol. data coming after the Device Dead that has device dead string should not mark the device up.

bit 4 --> Use "advised heartbeat point"

More information

    Diagnostic point configuration.