Group Point Logging

Group Point Logging

Enables you to log data for a selected group of points in parallel.


Gives better performance and uses disk space more efficiently than data logging

Default group point data log table


Group Point logging provides you with a straightforward process for creating and maintaining records to analyze the performance of selected points, whose values and selected attributes are logged at the same time.

The point performance represents the actual performance of equipment and processes in your system. As a result, point logging provides you with an in depth record that can help you determine if action is required to improve the performance of any equipment or process in your system.

Steps to configure group logging include:

Step 1

Add points to a group log table.

Step 2

Configure group logging properties.

Step 3

Configure logging attributes for a single point.

image\Important.gif Important: When using fully qualified points, you must provide remote project login configuration with the project.

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