Step 1. Add Event Actions to the EM_LOG

You add event actions to the EM_LOG through the Event Editor window.

  1. Expand the Basic Control Engine folder in the Workbench left pane.

  2. Double-click Event Editor.

The Event Editor window opens.

  1. Select the Event ID in the left pane to which you want to attach the action.

  1. Left-click the Action ID column.

  1. Open the New Event-Action dialog box using any of the following methods.

Method 1

Click the New Event_Action button on the CIMPLICITY Event Editor toolbar.

Method 2

  1. Click File on the CIMPLICITY Event Editor menu bar.

  2. Select New Event_Action.

Method 3

  1. Click the right-mouse button in the right pane.

  2. Select New Event_Action from the popup menu.

Method 4

Press Ctrl+N on the keyboard.

The New Event-Action dialog box opens when you use any of these methods.

  1. Enter a name for the Action ID.

  2. Check Log Flag.

  1. Click OK.

Result: When the selected event triggers the action, the Event Manager sends the data to the Database Logger.

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