Step 2.3. Configure Data Logging Attributes

Logging Attributes for a data log table (e.g. DATA_LOG) enables you to:

Select the current point attributes that will be logged to the table.

Log the name of the CIMPLICITY project.

  1. Select the Logging Attributes tab.

  2. Check any of the following point attributes to log.

Point attributes

Log the

Point Value

Point's current value.

Select a Data Type. The Database Logger will attempt to "force" the logged data into the type you select.

Data type options are:









STRING (255)

Previous Value

Previous value recorded in this table for this point.

Data type options are the same as for Point Value.

Raw Value

Point's raw value.

Data type options are the same as for Point Value.

Alarm State

Point's alarm state when the value is being logged.


Point's Resource ID.

Time Last Logged

Time the point was last logged in this table.

Engineering Units

Point's engineering units.


Is the value of the QUALITY attribute. .

User Flags

Value of the USER_FLAGS attribute.

Table attributes


Project name

Project name.

image\Tips.gif Tip: Click Use Defaults to reset the Logging Attributes to their default values. The defaults are to:

Log Point Value (STRING(255) in the DATA_LOG) and

Not log the Project Name.

More information


Step 2. Configure CIMPLICITY point data logging properties.