Step 2. Set the CIMPLICITY Trend Report Parameters

  1. Click Set Parameters.

The Set Report Parameters dialog box opens.


  1. Enter a GROUP_LOG table in the ODBC Table field.

  2. (Optional) Enter a Start Time to display data logged from that time forward. If no time is specified, the earliest data will be included.

  3. (Optional) Enter an End Time to display data logged up to the specified time. If no time is specified, the latest data will be included.

  4. Select the ODBC Data Source to be used in generating the report. Your selection must be the same data source that was used to log the data.

If an appropriate data source is not visible in the drop-down list, click Browse to find one.

  1. Click either:

  1. OK to save the parameters or

  2. Cancel to cancel your entries.

image\Tips.gif Tip: Save your spreadsheet after setting the report parameters if you want the parameters to be set the next time you run the report.

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