Change Directory and Record Defaults

The default directory for Store and Forward files is %SITE_ROOT%\arc, and the default number of records per file is 100. You can change both of these defaults.

image\Important.gif Important: Please consider carefully when changing the maximum number of records per stored file. Setting too high a number will result in unmanageable files, while setting too low a number will cause excessive disk I/O.

  1. Click Tools>Command Prompt on the Workbench menu bar.

  2. At the command prompt type:

cd master

idtpop dbms_def

notepad dbms_def.idt

The file looks like this:

|-* IDT file generated by IDTPOP utility v1.0

* RECORD: DBMS_DEF ODBC Database Definitions

*   0 DBMS_ID                           Name of the database/service for logging

*   1 driver                            ODBC name of DMBS driver

*   2 connect_string                    Connection string for ODBC driver

*   3 wait_period                       reconnect wait period

*   4 wait_units                        reconnect wait period units

*   5 store_forward                     0=off 1=on

*   6 store_path                        path of stored file

*   7 recs_per_file                     max recs per stored file

*   8 limited                           0=unlimited store else max num of recs


$LOGGING|Microsoft Access Driver <*.mdb>|-

DSN=CIMPLICITY Alarm Logging;UID=admin;DBQ=BSM_ROOT:\arc\CIMPLOG.MDB|-1|0|0||100|0.000000

$LOGGING|Microsoft Access Driver <*.mdb>|-

DSN=CIMPLICITY Point Logging;UID=admin;DBQ=BSM_ROOT:\arc\POINTLOG.MDB|-1|0|0||100|0.000000

Note that the Alarm Logging and Point Logging databases have separate records.

  1. To define a new path for the stored records for a database, enter the pathname in the store_path field for the database. You can set a different path for each database.

  2. To define a new maximum number of records per stored file for a database, enter the new maximum in the recs_per_file field for the database. You can set a different maximum for each database.

  3. Exit Notepad and save the updated file.

  4. Enter the following commands to regenerate the data file and close the command window:

      scpop dbsm_def


  1. Shut down your project, perform a Configuration Update, and then restart the project.

Result: This change to takes effect when the project restarts.

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