Default Database Server Limitations

The default Database Server has the following limitations:

The maximum per database is 2 Gigabytes.

Performance begins to degrade after 5 connections.

Connections can include:

  1. Alarm Logging (DLRP).

  2. Point Logging (PTDL).

When forwarding data (in store and forward), forward is a separate connection to the database.

  1. Alarm Logging forward connection.

  2. Point Logging forward connection.

If the table is enabled for bulk insertion, bulk insertion requires a dedicated connection to the database in order to work. As a result, maintenance actions for bulk insert tables will need to allocate a separate connection. Once the action is completed, it will free the connection.

  1. Bulk insertion maintenance action.

  2. Bulk insertion forward connection.

If there are too many tables enabled for bulk insertion there, resulting in too many connections at once, there will be a performance degrade.

If your system configuration regularly exceeds 5 connection, it is recommended that you upgrade to CIMPLICITY SQL, which is a more robust server.

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