Microsoft Access Data Sources Configuration

  1. Run the ODBC Administrator (from the ODBC program group) or select the ODBC option from the CIMPLICITY supported Windows Control Panel.

  2. Click System DSN to select the list of System Data Sources.

  3. Click Add... to add a new data source.

  4. Select Microsoft Access Driver from the list, and click OK.

  5. Enter a unique Data Source Name.

Use any combination of letters, numbers, and white space; but avoid punctuation characters.

  1. Enter a Data Source Description, if desired.

  2. Either:

Click Select... to select an existing database file, or

Click Create... to create a new .MDB file.

  1. Specify a file name In the Select Database or New Database dialog, and click OK.

  2. From the ODBC Microsoft Access Setup dialog, click Options.

  3. Verify that Exclusive is not checked.

  4. Configure separate data sources for CIMPLICITY Point Logging and Alarm Logging.

image\Note.gif Note: Due to file locking issues in the Microsoft Access driver, you must never request Exclusive access to a database that is used by CIMPLICITY for logging. In addition, the Point Logging and Alarm Logging data sources must refer to different database files.

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