ODBC Configuration and Moving Projects

If you copy a project to another computer, the ODBC configuration associated with that project will not be automatically copied.

If the project uses the default CIMPLICITY data sources, you may need to modify your configuration depending on whether the default data sources use SQL Server or Access.

Note: Normally there will not be any additional configuration. However, if you install CIMPLICITY differently on one machine from a machine to which you move the project, you may need to adjust the new machine.


You installed the database server on Machine A. However, you did not install the database server on Machine B. You moved the project to machine B. CIMPLICITY logging expects to log to Access. In fact it won't because ODBC is pointing to the SQL database server. You will need to re-configure Machine B to point to the correct data source.

If the project uses custom data sources, these must be re-configured on the target machine.

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