Output Document Format Rules: Version 100

Caution: Version 100 is still supported for systems in which it is implemented. Use version 101 to develop any new systems.

Rules for Version 100 are as follows.

Document Delivery Rule



Unique Output Document Name

Each output document must have a unique name in the directory in which it is created.

Each output document is created in a specific directory. As a result, there will be instances where another file already exists in the directory. Giving each output document a unique name will prevent the overwriting of output documents.


Version Number (in header)

The first characters in the output document must be an ASCII representation of the version number.

The initial version number will be 100 until a change is made that will make it necessary to increment the version number.

The version number will be followed by a NULL character.


Destination File Name

The destination file name must immediately follow the version number and NULL character.

This will be the name of the file actually created or appended to at the remote location.

This destination will be NULL terminated, followed by a carriage return and line feed.



All content to deliver to the remote is located after the:

Version number,

Destination file name,

Separating carriage return and

Line feed.

Note: The version number and destination filename will be removed from the document before it is sent to the remote location.

More information

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