Step 3. Configure the Document Delivery Object Configuration

The Configuration tab in the CIMPLICITY Document Delivery Viewer Properties dialog box contains the ActiveX Parameters that control how the Document Delivery object operates in a CimView screen.

Select the Configuration tab in the CIMPLICITY Document Delivery.

Configuration options are as follows.



Delivery Object

Delivery object that will be monitored

Update Interval

Interval at which the control will check if the Delivery Object has sent the control a status update.

Important: If this interval is set to a large number, the control might miss a status update.




Unresponsive After

Maximum amount of time between status updates from the delivery object that the control will consider the delivery object responsive.

If the specified amount of time passes between status updates, the control will enter the Unresponsive state.

Flush Permissions

Roles that are allowed to flush files from the delivery object when the control is running.



Comma-delimited string.


Opens the Configure Flush Permissions dialog box.

Note: Configured roles in this dialog box are automatically added to the Flush Permissions list when you click OK to close the box.



Available Roles

Roles that are available, but not given permission to flush unsent files.



Configured Roles

Roles that have permission to flush unsent files.




Adds selected roles to the configured roles list.




Removes selected roles from the configured roles list.

Allow Flush



Enables users with configured roles to flush unsent files.




Disables flushing capability.

Note: Options on the Configuration tab are writable in CimEdit; they are read-only in CimView.

More information

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