Document Delivery Version 101 XML tags: HTTP or Network

XML Tags: HTTP or Network

Examples: HTTP or Network

XML Tags: HTTP or Network




The main wrapper tag for the XML style header.

There are no attributes for this tag


Contains the remote destination filename.

There are two attributes for all systems for this tag



The remote destination filename to be delivered to.



Options are:




(Default) The rename feature can be used.




The rename feature cannot be used.

Important: If this condition is found on an APPEND type delivery, the delivery will fail; APPEND deliveries must be able to rename.


Note: The FTP system has two additional attributes.

Examples: HTTP or Network

When there are no Pre and Post commands, it is not necessary to use the header tag.

These two examples work the same way.

  1. No header

101 <DestinationFilename filename="remoteFilename.txt" rename="yes"/>


  1. Header

101 <Header>

    <DestinationFilename filename="remoteFilename.txt" rename="yes"/>


Note: Pre and Post commands are available to FTP delivery only.

If Pre and Post commands are used for Network or HTTP deliveries the:

Header will be considered invalid.

Output document will be flushed.

More information

Document Delivery technical notes.