FloPro/FloNet Communications Features and Restrictions

The FloPro/FloNet Communications option provides the following features:

Configuration functions for defining the devices accessed via the communication port and the data to be exchanged.

Synchronous exchange of data between CIMPLICITY software and a variety of devices.

A utility program, flopro_diag, which is used for validating the operation and communication ability of a FloNet device residing at one particular IP address.

Since the FloPro/FloNet system accepts commands from any IP address and replies on a message-by-message basis, a CIMPLICITY computer may converse with many FloPro devices over one FloPro dedicated network.

You need to be aware of the following restrictions:

Because FloNet cards occupy and converse only with sockets bound to privileged IP port number 165, only one FloPro/FloNet Communications process can run on a CIMPLICITY computer.

Because FloNet cards cannot initiate communications with a remote host, the FloPro/FloNet device communications does not support unsolicited messages.

Because FloPro/FloNet communications supports a subset of UDP, the FloPro card does not support the ping command.

A dedicated network is required for communication between FloNet devices and their remote hosts.

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