Running the FloPro/FloNet Communications Test Program

To run the FloPro/FloNet communications test program to test your installation and configuration of FloPro on the target computer:

  1. Open the project's Workbench.

  2. From the Tools menu, select Command Prompt....

  3. In the Command Prompt window, type the following command:

flopro_diag [<address>]

Where <address> is an optional argument and is the IP address of the target PC. If you do not supply this argument, the IP address defaults to

When you run flopro_diag and select a nonexistent IP address or an IP address for a computer where FloPro is not configured, the output will show domain sizes of zero.

When you run flopro_diag for a target computer where FloPro is working correctly, it produces output like the following:

Target is IP address 

Test to run 1 times 

The Sockets DLL version is 1.1

Examining domain limits database... 

For FloPro server at IP addr 9f051a03, 

  limit[ 0]=4095    Input

  limit[ 1]=4095    Input Force

  limit[ 2]=4095    Flag

  limit[ 3]=4095    Flag Force

  limit[ 4]=1023    Timer

  limit[ 5]=2047    Counter

  limit[ 6]=1023    Register

  limit[ 7]=4095    Output

  limit[ 8]=4095    Output Force

  limit[ 9]=2047    Number

  limit[10]=2047    Ascii

More information

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