Starting FirstPAGE Client

  1. Open the CIMPLICITY Workbench.

  2. Expand the Runtime folder in the Workbench left-pane.

  3. Select FirstPAGE Client.

  4. Do any of the following.

Double-click FirstPAGE Client in the Workbench right-pane.

Right-click FirstPAGE Client in the Workbench right-pane; select Properties on the Popup menu.

Select FirstPAGE Client in the Workbench right-pane; press Alt+Enter on the keyboard.

Note: If the client cannot connect to a FirstPAGE server a message box will open telling you to select a new server for the FirstPAGE Client.

Click OK.

The FirstPAGE Pager Client window opens when you use any method.


All Destinations and Distribution Lists that have been configured in FirstPAGE Administrator display in the tree view.

  1. (If your administrator has enabled security in FirstPAGE Administrator) enter the following before you can access FirstPAGE Client.

User ID


Valid Domain name


More information

    Installing and configuring FirstPage client.